How do I get my free ticket for the LIVE Winter Solstice Fest?

You can get your free pass at the Winter Solstice Fest website

The free, general admission ticket includes live streaming access to the 3-day Winter Solstice Fest. For ongoing access and exclusive perks, please upgrade to a VIP ticket.

What do I get with my paid VIP ticket?

To see all of our VIP ticket perks, visit our Upgrade page

With your paid VIP ticket, you will get post-event access to the Winter Solstice Fest content, exclusive festival materials, a guided meditation series, and 3-month premium access to the brand new Shift Your World app.

When do I get my event pass perks?

If you register for a free, general admission ticket, you will receive an email including information about when your event perks will be available. You can also upgrade to a VIP ticket for even more perks, such as post-event access, exclusive festival content, and guided meditations.

If you purchase a VIP ticket, you’ll receive an email upon successful purchase with details on how to access your event perks and exclusives, as well as when they will be available. If you do not receive your email, please check your other folders, such as Promotions, Junk, or Spam, depending upon your email provider.

How does the event work?

The Winter Solstice Fest is a 3-day global event taking place online in our virtual venue. The event is a mix of musical performances, rituals, workshops, and presentations. Winter Solstice Fest takes place on Friday, December 18; Saturday, December 19; and Sunday, December 20 between 2:00pm to 10:00pm Pacific. See what time the festival is live where you live

The full schedule will be announced approximately one week before Winter Solstice Fest opens and will be posted to the Program page. The online festival is free with registration and you may upgrade to a VIP ticket for exclusive perks, special events, and bonus content.

How do I access the live event?

To access the live event, which runs from December 18-20, 2020:

  1. Visit the Winter Solstice Fest website here
  2. Register for your free ticket with your email.
  3. A confirmation email will then be sent to you, with a link to our Program page on which the live event will air Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, December 18-20 from 2:00pm to 10:00pm Pacific.
  4. If you registered but did not receive your confirmation email, contact Customer Support by submitting a help request or emailing

Videos are not downloadable and there are no replays, as this is a “live” festival experience. For ongoing access to Winter Solstice Fest, upgrade to a VIP ticket. 

I'm having technical problems viewing the event:

In the majority of cases, following one of the suggestions below will solve the problem:

I bought a pass… how do I access the content after the festival is over?

If you’ve upgraded, you’ll have lifetime access to Winter Solstice Fest through your Premium Access page, where you’ll find the session videos and links to your festival perks as they become available.

To access your VIP perks:

  1. Visit the Premium Access page here. (Available December 21, 2020)
  2. Enter your email address into the box (the email you used to register for Winter Solstice Fest) and click the Sign In button.
  3. If you don’t see the Sign In button, you’re probably already signed in. (To confirm, click on the Winter Solstice Fest graphic under “My Summits & Festivals.”)
  4. Once you’re signed in, you can scroll down the page to see the materials that are available.

What if I can’t make it to the live event?

Winter Solstice Fest is a live streaming event. If you purchased a VIP ticket, you will have unlimited access to the event during and after the festival. If you registered for a free ticket, you will have access during the live broadcast only. You will need to upgrade your ticket to access the content after it is over. 

Why does it say The Shift Network on my credit card statement or receipt?

The Winter Solstice Fest is presented to you by The Shift Network. For more information about The Shift Network, and to find out more about all the programs we offer, click here.

What is the refund policy for the Winter Solstice Fest?

Due to the nature of this event, we are unable to offer refunds for the Winter Solstice Fest. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All other Customer Support questions:

For all other questions about this event, please click here or submit a support request by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting the Winter Solstice Fest Customer Support Center!